Exercise! Exercise! – Yuk!

Why is exercising so hard for me to fit into my life? This has been a pain point for me all my life. I always would say I’m too busy or just don’t want to try. Sure I go dancing once in a great while now a days, but that’s not enough. Exercise would help a lot w/ my overall health. It would even help w/ those on & off depression periods. In order to try to make EXERCISE not such a pain point for me I dusted off my old Elliptical from my early 20’s & drug it into my room. So now I have to look at it everyday – it’s in a warm place & easy to excess!! So now I JUST HAVE TO DO IT!! Easier said than done.

I’m making a new calendar on my iCal “HEALTH” to track my success. Oh I forgot to weight myself. I wonder what the magical number is?

Elliptical Here I Come!!

Indoor Gardening in Mid MT Winter!

I live in Montana, where you have 6 months or more of winter. I tried an indoor garden last summer. It went okay but I got discouraged because of all the problems you get with an indoor garden. I didn’t know it was harder to grow indoors than outdoors. 2 tomato, 2 swiss chard, lemon balm, oregano, arugula, & a sage plant survived! I gave up and everything else died by some fungus or insect. SUCKED! Well Sunday the 16th of January I wanted to plant. I completely cleaned out the room and reconditioned all the soil. I planted: Basil, Collards, Chard, Spinach, Lettuce, Kale, Parsley, Mint, Oregano & Cilantro. Now on the 25th, 1 Black Kale, 3 Red Kale & 1 Collard sprouted. CRAZY! I enjoyed it and have a good start for summer! Ha! Ha! Also I sprouted some Red Hard Wheat & Buckwheat!

Collards & Swiss Chard from Summer!
Collard Sprout!
Wheatgrass! Nice & Green!
Buckwheat Sprouts!

Tofu Turkey Homemade!!!


•  Three 20 oz blocks of Wildwood Organics
High Protein Tofu Super Firm
(you can use another very firm tofu but you might

need to let it sit longer to drain)
•  3/4 c Organic Soymilk divided
•  3 tbsp packed minced fresh Organic Oregano
(if you only have dried use this equation 3 part fresh = 1 part dried)
•  3 tbsp packed minced fresh Organic Basil
•  3 tbsp packed minced fresh Organic marjoram
•  2 tbsp packed minced fresh Organic Thyme
•  2 tbsp packed minced fresh Organic Rosemary
•  1/2 c packed minced fresh Organic Parsley
•  1 tbsp Gluten Free Broth of your choice
•  1 tbsp Gluten Free Mustard Powder
•  3 tbsp Tamari Sauce or Bragg’s Amino Acids
•  1 tsp Celtic Salt fine
•  1/4 – 1/2 c Honey
•  Cheese Cloth & a Colander


•  1/4 c Organic Balsamic Vinegar
•  1/4 c Organic Olive Oil
•  2 tbsp GF Worcestershire Sauce (Lea & Perrins)
•  1/2 tsp Celtic Salt
•  1/4 c Honey – to taste
•  2 full heads of Garlic minced
•  1 c packed minced fresh Organic Parsley


1) In a food processor fitted w/ the “S” blade blend 1 block of Tofu at a time w/ 1/4 c Soymilk. If you are using a Tofu that when opened is soaking in a lot of water you most likely do not need to add the soymilk to get a smooth texture. To be safe blend a block of tofu first and see if you need to add any liquid. Pour into a large mixing bowl. Repeat w/ the next 2 blocks of Tofu.

2) Once you have all the Tofu in a smooth but thick consistency, mix in well the Broth, Mustard Powder, Tamari Sauce, Salt & Honey. Then mix in the fresh herbs; Oregano, Basil, marjoram, Thyme, Rosemary & Parsley.

3) Line the Colander w/ the Cheese Cloth and transfer the Tofu Mixture in to the Colander. Fold over the extra Cheese Cloth to completely wrap the Tofu Turkey mixture.

4) Now you want to press the extra moisture out of the mixture. I placed a plate that fit within the colander and (2) 5lb bags of potatoes on top. You want to refrigerate & let sit for at least an hour. If you are using a tofu that I described in the first step you might need to let it drain 2-5hrs.

5) Now we want to stuff the Tofu Turkey w/ stuffing. Remove the weight & the plate & unwrap the top of the mixture. Scoop out a nice large hole but still leaving plenty of mixture on all sides. Se the first picture above. Pat down your hole then fill w/ your GF Bread Stuffing (see my post “GF Bread Stuffing”). Cover the stuffing w/ the extra Tofu. Pat down the top to an even surface and place the colander upside down on a non-stick baking sheet. Once the mold hits the baking sheet remove the colander and take the cheese cloth off. Now you are ready for the marinade.

Tofu Turkey Mold

6) Add all the ingredients for the marinade and whisk together until well blended.


7) Use a brush and put your first layer of marinade on the Tofu Turkey mold. Place in a 375º preheated oven. I cook my Tofu Turkey from 2.5 – 4hrs, depending how crispy I want the outer layer to be. Every 30 – 45m marinade the Tofu Turkey until all the mixture is gone.

Ist Marinade
2nd Marinade
3rd Marinade

Gotta get that Tofu Turkey recipe posted!!!

I met a great gentleman today working at FoodWorks. His daughter is coming for x-mas and he was looking for a Tofu-Turkey. We did not have any and I offered him my recipe. I was very proud of it this year so I felt comfortable giving it out. His daughter is vegan and has to be gluten-free for health reasons. I thought this recipe would be great since Tofu Turkey has gluten. Here is a snap-shot of last years!!! I hope to post my new & improved recipe tomorrow morning . . .

Thanksgiving Dinner

Well Thanksgiving wasn’t easy this year. I worked my 12hr 4pm – 4am shift & on the way home got stuck in a snowdrift 1 mile from my home. Tried to walk but the wind and the cold was to much. Camped out in the truck! Finally got home at 8:45am. Exhausted I started Thanksgiving Dinner! I’m very happy I stayed up till 2am the day before preparing a lot of the dishes in crock pots. My plan this year was to get all the main dished done in crock pots then when I got home early Thursday morning from work turn them on to cook and get some sleep. Didn’t work out like planned. I still got everything done by 5pm! I have pictures and recipes of everything. I hope to post soon…

TinyTee RAW Granola . . .

I really enjoy the RAW LIFESTYLE. I followed it hard-core for a while but lost my direction. I’m trying to pick it up again. I created this recipe first on 2/26/10 the another on 3/8/10.

•  1 c Soaked Buckwheat Grouts. I soak over night.
•  1/4 c or a handful of Apricot Kernals
•  6 Brazil Nuts
•  2 c of your favorite RAW nuts. I use 1 c of two different kinds
•  1/4 c Hemp Hearts
•  1/2 c Chopped Dried Apples
•  1 1 /2 tspn Cinnamon
•  5 – 6 twists of Ground Celtic Salt
•  1/2 to 1 tspn Ground Green Leaf Stevia – Not White
•  1 c Raisins

Add all ingredients into a food processor fitted w/ the S blade.

Pulse a few time just to mix the ingredients. If you want less clumpy granola pulse more.

This will make 6 1/4 c wet granola or 5 1/2 c dried. You can eat it wet/fresh but it wont last very long. I prefer to dehydrate the granola in my Goof For You dehydrator.

TIP: Everything you dehydrate you should set to 145º for the first hour. This helps insure that no bacteria starts to grow while dehydrating at 95º for another 8-12hrs.

I eat 1/2 c in the mornings, this lasts me for 11 days! Beats paying crazy high prices for RAW granola.

MAKE YOUR OWN! Be creative! I store the granola ina 1/2 gal mason jar, perfect fit!

Namaste Foods Spice Cake Mix – GF

My daughter turned 6 on October 23rd and I made her a GF Pooh Bear Carrot Cake using Namaste Foods Spice Cake Mix. I used this same mix last year.

The outcome was ok tasting, just like last year. Dad & I liked the taste but Naya didn’t – Bummer! She loved how it looked though! The cake was very dense! I think I will use a different brand next time. For the frosting I just used an organic vanilla frosting mix and used food coloring to make each of my colors. One box actually did the job. I was afraid I’d have to run back into town.