EasyGreen Sprouter!


Well at the The Community Closet Thrift Store there was this huge wheatgrass grower machine. I remember seeing it for sale for $10. I thought of buying it but I figured parts were missing. A bit later I saw it was put in our free bins so I took it home to see what info I could find on it.

Wow! I checked it out and it was a EasyGreen Automatic sprouter. eBay had it for almost $200! Looks like I had everything except an outlet timer that starts and shuts down the water mister. I found one online for $13.

Yesterday the timer came in. Sweet! I cleaned the machine up and filled all 5 trays with sprouts; clover, fenugreek, buckwheat, alfalfa & broccoli. I set the timer to mist 15m every 6 hours. Filled the water reservoir and plugged it in. YES THE MISTER WORKS!

24hrs later you can already see tails on a few of the seed trays. Below is a picture at 4pm 9/11/13 & another at 4pm 9/12/13.




DAY #2. Look at those tails!


DAY #3.


DAY #4: I started to add a very little amount of food grade hydrogen peroxide and some minerals to the water.  I also decided to try some new timer setting I found for Dry Weather . . . they worked well for MT.

Dry weather
# of Toggles Time of day
2 7:00
1 10:00
1 1:00/13.00
2 4:00/16.00
1 7:00/19:00
1 10:00/22:00
1 2:00


DAY #5


DAY #6: Harvested some Clover Sprouts this morning for sandwiches! Tasted great!



Clover Sprouts


Fenugreek Sprouts


DAY#7: the alfalfa & broccoli sprouts are ready! There are already tails growing on the 2nd batch of clover & fenugreek seeds.


Buckwheat Sprouts:
Didn’t work well growing with just water. The cool thing about the EasyGreen Sprouter is you can use soil in the trays too! Will try in soil next time.

Buckwheat Sprouts.jpg

Broccoli Sprouts:
Same as the buckwheat sprouts, didn’t turn out very well with just water, but more grew than I thought. Will try in soil next time.

Broccoli Sprouts.jpg


Alfalfa Sprouts:
The alfalfa sprouts took 7-8 days to grow. They turned out great though!

Alfalfa Sprouts.jpg

So I would have to say this machine ROCKS! I’m glad I didn’t have to pay $200 but if you have a busy life like mine and love to sprout this Sprouter is so worth the money!


I Love Sprouts!


Another Great Bean Harvest!!

Now that the weather is warmer my beans sprout in about 3 days!! Loving it!! This batch is pinto, white northern & black beans. It is amazing that we can take something non-living to a live state again. Those cute little tails are such a pure gift of health!!

Sprouted Black, Pinto & White Northern Beans