Pesto Time!!

I created this quickly with what I had available in my kitchen. Turned out well, surprised!

I made a pesto with lemon juice, cashews, olive oil, garlic, basil & seasonings.

Spiralized angle hair zucchini pasta.

Added diced cherry tomatoes & green grapes, hemp hearts, & capers.

I couldn’t believe the flavor that burst in my mouth when i had a bite with a grape! The tomatoes & zucchini came from my garden & the rest of the ingredients are organic. This dish served it’s purpose, I AM FULL!!



Gluten Free Pasta w/ Sprouted Adzuki Beans

I was wanting something tasteful for my break at work. I through this dish together & it turned out GREAT!

• Gluten Free Pasta
• Slightly Steamed Sprouted Adzuki Beans
• Coconut Oil
• Turmeric
• Cumin
• Lemon Pepper
Bragg’s Liquid Amino
• Fresh Cut Oregano

I didn’t measure anything and seasoned to my liking. It was quick, Easy & Yummy!