Microgreens: Pea Shoots


11/15/15: This morning was a busy one. Got up at 6 am, checked the dehydrator-cubes carrots & potatoes ready to store, along with the zucchini chips. Vacuum sealed everything.

Then decided to start some pea shoots. Rinsed the peas then spread them into my 5 trays. Inserted them into my EasySprouter. I’m thinking it will take 2 days to start sprouting. Once little tails start I will transfer to soil to grow.

To be continued . . .


11/17/15: I checked on the peas this morning. They are perfect to spread on some potting mix later today.



11/19/15: I finally got some time to place these beauties into some potting soil. 

Place a few inches of potting mix into your growing medium and water. Cover potting mix with one nice layer of pea sprouts. Then place another thin layer of potting mix on top of the pea sprouts. Just enough to cover. Then lightly water again.

  Cover and let sprouts grow in the dark until sprouts start to lift your cover. Make sure to water daily just enough to keep everything moist.

11/22/15: Pea sprouts are ready to uncover and grow under lights or sun.


11/25/15: sprouts look so beautiful! Going to let grow for a few more days.


11/28/15: Harvest day!


Store in a plastic bag or container of your choice. Steam, add to soups or stews, use in wraps or salads. Yummy, so many ways to eat!

Pea sprouts would be perfect for garnishing platters!


12/4/15: I was going to compost my soil from the pea sprouts but decided to get one more growth out of them…



MicroGreens – Method 4 Day 1

So for this method I am going to plant into larger square containers that fits 8 to a tray. I am finding that I really like the smaller square containers but they dry out so quickly. I am hoping this size will still have a great portion and keep the soil moist longer.

I looked everywhere in town for the right size container, the size single portions of wheat grass grow in. No luck so I had to make my own. 

I had the right size but they were way to large so I customized them to the perfect size. 

   These are made of a heavier plastic so they should last me for a long time. I found 10 of these in my shed.
 I made a template out of the first one. From the top I measured 2.5″ down, made a line then cut to size.

I placed the template over each of the containers …  drew a cut line…

  cut each one and perfect, ready for soil.  Fill 3/4 full with organic potting mix. Then take the template and lightly pack the potting mix down.
  Spread your seeds and water. I love these containers so much better because the tray fits perfectly over them. So cover to block the light for a few days. 

Microgreens – Method 3 Day 13

  These guys have been ready for a few days now. The bean shoots are beautiful!



Microgreens – Method 2 Day 14

  Well it seems that this method works too. Spreading more seeds in each container works much better! I only have 2 Microgreens left from the last batch. Perfecting timing! Now to enjoy these babies.

Microgreens are Yummy!

I have been sharing and eating these babies like crazy. I’ve put them in sandwiches, on top of pasta & in soup…

I think I like Microgreens over sprouts. They are more satisfying and have more substance to them. I like the stronger taste. My favorite thing about them is I only cut what I need and the rest can keep growing. I feel I will have less waste than with sprouts. This is exciting!

I will have all sorts of greens all winter long.


Microgreens – Method 3 Day 4

I am finally able to sow these. I wish I did earlier but it should still work out fine. The EasySprouter works great for germination. They were ready in 1-2 days. 


 The mung beans had huge tails. Hoping this isn’t a problem.

   Black Eyed Peas sprouts 

 Never thought of sprouting popcorn!
   Black Beans

 Adzuki Beans

First: fill containers 3/4 full with organic potting mix. Lightly water.

Second: spread a layer of sprouts on top of potting mix. Lightly water.

Third: cover sprouts with some more potting mix. Water & leave in a dark place for a day or so, or until you see growth that is ready for sunlight.

I’ll post the results in a few days!