Soaker Hose Irrigation 

So today I started the long process of building my soaker hose irrigation. I have planned this idea in my head for so many months now. 

I put everything together, well 2 beds, and tested it. Wanted to make sure the joints didn’t leak before I did the rest of the garden.

Im happy with the results. I timed the watering for these two beds. At 30m didn’t quit seem enough. At 1 hour seemed to much. So I will set these at 45m and see how it goes. 

Now I have split the main garden into two zones. So when I finish the rest of the set-up, I will time again. Since water will be traveling through more hose, I might need to adjust the times.

Not sure if I should water twice a day or two. Guess I’ll find out soon enough.

More updates to come tomorrow.


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