Instant Pot – Homemade Yogurt

Who knew yogurt could be so easy. Kalispell Creamery whole milk was on sale for $1.99 a gallon at my grocery store, I bought three gallons to try making yogurt.

The process was pretty easy, I was surprised. I love my instant Pot!!

1) disinfect your Pot first. Poor 3 cups of water into your pot and put the lid on with the seal closed. Press steam button, set to 5 minutes.

2) poor hot water out and allow pot to cool naturally or place in fridge.

3) once pot is cooled place back into instant Pot. Poor 1 gallon of whole milk into pot and press yogurt button. Adjust until you see boil.

4) whisk the milk often so the heat distributes evenly. Stirring helps the milk heat up faster also. Keep stirring every once in a while until instant Pot beeps. Check temp. Must be 180-185 degrees for a minute or so. If temp isn’t reached push the sautée button. Keep stirring until temp is reached. Once reached remove from instant Pot.

5) fill a sink full of cold water. Place pot of hot milk into cold water. Pot will float in the water. While monitoring the temp stir the milk until it cools down to 95 a 100 degrees. Once temp is reached remove pot from sink of water.

6) add 2 tablespoons of good quality yogurt with all the cultures to a small cup. Place some of the warm milk in cup with cultures and mix well. Stir into the rest of the warm milk. 

7) place pot back into the instant pot and cover with lid. Seal closed. Press yogurt button. Should read 8hrs and setting is on normal.

8) after incubation is finished remove covered pot and place into the fridge for 6-8hrs to rest.

9) after the rest period if you want the yogurt thicker strain it for several hours or over night in the fridge. You can use a yogurt strainer. I just place a strainer over a pot or large bowl, layer with cheesecloth  then poor yogurt into cheesecloth.  Gather the extra cloth around the edges and tie with a string or rubber band. Place in fridge and let the whey strain from the yogurt.

10) after straining is finished save your clear yellowish whey in sealed glass jars for up to 6 months in your fridge or freeze. You can find tons of uses for liquid whey on internet. Reuse it don’t throw away. 😉

11) add your favorite sweetener and fruit and you are ready to eat your very own homemade yogurt!!

1 gallon of whole milk makes about 2 quarts of Greek yogurt (strained) and about 2 quarts of liquid whey.

It seems like a lot of work for 2 quarts of yogurt but not really, a lot of it you are just waiting. To me knowing all the actual ingredients in my yogurt is worth it. ENJOY!!!


3 Replies to “Instant Pot – Homemade Yogurt”

    1. Get the 8 quart! U will not regret your purchase. I love making food in bulk batches. When I travel my instant Pot goes with me. All I need is a plug in and water! I can cook for my whole family in a motel!!!

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