Garden Update – Plants Survived!!!

I was so scared to take the blankets off the beds yesterday.  It looks sunny in this photo but places with standing water had a nice layer of ice…

THEY SURVIVED!!!!! Thank you universe.


Before the storm I finished the fence. Since chicken wire is not very sturdy I had to reinforce the fence so it would stand up straight instead of sag. I accomplished this by weaving small 5′ plant stakes thru the holes of the chicken wire.

The storm caved in one corner. This corner had a smaller post and it couldn’t take the load of the snow. This photo was taken about 8pm on Wednesday when the corner was still ok. By Thursday morning it wasn’t pretty.

I tried to pound the stake upright again with no luck. So I pounded in another stake in front of it and then wired them together. It worked great!


I finally got the platform for the rain barrel level. I don’t want this bad boy fallen over with 60 gallons of water in it. Unfortunately my house doesn’t have gutters so I can’t use it the way it should be used. I use it as a holding tank, so I have water to use when I don’t want to drag the hose out. 


Are looking great!


I buy these high walled folding baskets from my produce guys at my local grocery store. Each basket can hold 24 3″ square seed starter pots, and they are stackable. They have plenty of room for the plants to grow without crushing them when they stack. Here is the product number that I use…

During the day I lay them outside to soak up the sun. During chilly nights, it is so easy to carry them inside and stack them up in my tiny livingroom like this…

One of my bare root strawberries sprouted! I started a crap load of strawberries for a strawberry tower project I’m going to try this year. More to come later.


Everything sprouted and is growing wonderful. 


I am so thankful that everything in the garden so far has survived a huge snowstorm and 24° weather.

Peas look good and I still can’t believe I have carrots that didn’t sprout from last year growing. 

All the strawberries and the one lettuce plant all came up from last year. 

Poor chard plants are cut back very small but look beautiful. The chard that I planted not too long ago are starting to sprout now. 

Thyme growing well.

Sage is huge! Need to cut back. 

Two of the square foot planted red onions did not get squashed from the snow. I’m sure these babies will come back just fine.

Well that’s all for now. Thanks for reading and until next time Happy Gardening!


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