Straw Bale Gardening: Watering with Soaker Hoses

So in my last post I believe I mentioned I didn’t think one soaker hose going down the middle of the bales would be efficient enough to water the plants . . . I just upgraded!!

A simple “y” fitting, another 100′ of soaker hose, a coupler and I’m satisfied!

I grid out the bales into three rows. So I could plant in each row and the soaker hoses will do thier magic of slowly watering eveningly.

I was a little concerned towards the end. One row of hose was too short to reach the end of the bales and the other was to long.

So they have a fitting for that! I just wrapped the long hose around and attached to the short one with a female brass hose coupler. It worked perfectly! My upgrade cost less than $22! Approximately $13 for 100′ feet of soaker hose, $5 for the “y” fitting & $4 for the coupler.

Well as you can tell in the last picture it’s getting dark. I had to use the flash to take the photo.

Until next time – Happy Gardening!!!


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