Straw Bale Gardening: Bale Conditioning Day 1-6

Today was windy & cold but sunny so I spent the whole day outside in the garden.

I broke open my first bag of organic nitrogen “Milorganite” to start the conditioning process of the straw bales.

I am using the conditioning guidelines from the milorganite website…

Day One to Six
On day one, spread fertilizer over the top of the bale. Use a ½ cup of a complete garden fertilizer or three cups of an organic fertilizer like Milorganite. Then completely moisten the bale. The organic fertilizers feed the microorganisms that help decompose the straw into a nutrient rich planting medium. Thoroughly soak the bale everyday. On days three and five you will add more fertilizer at the same rate used on day one…


I decided I didn’t want the deer to have a feast on the straw bale garden plants, so I’m going to build another fence. I needed 11 t-posts, checked my stash from last year and had the exact amount. I took this as a good sign. So I pounded 11 t-posts in the ground today! I’m pretty sure I’m going to be sore tomorrow!

I have a large roll of chicken wire that was given to me two summers ago. I’m finally going to be able to use it. I hope it’s enough.


The lighting I put in last week looks pretty cool.

Next weekend I hope to get the fence up. If anyone has used the straw bale garden method with success, please share your stories.

Until next time, happy gardening!


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