Got my Straw Bales!!

So this year I’m going to try straw bale gardening on the outside of my fenced in garden. I’m going to grow the bigger plants hoping the deer can’t eat all of them. Like broccoli, cauliflower, radish all my winter and summer squash, carrots, melons, potatoes Etc. Also I’m hoping to create an attractive, natural wind break for the inside garden.

I just got my book “Straw Bale Gardens Complete” by Jeol Karsten yesterday. i’m excited to start the conditioning process of the straw bales today.

I also got my little garden work place together. Last year my honey got me this portable table that has a sink, you just hook it up to a hose and u have running water outside to clean off your vegetables. Very excited to use it this year.

There is a nice little sitting place to to kick back and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery too.

My biggest obstacle about growing a garden where I live is the wind! So this year I’m going to try something different. You know how those big packages are plastic wraped on pallets, so they don’t fall over. Well, I’m going to wrap the bottom half of my raised beds so hopefully it can give a wind break for the plants. I have wrapped two so far to see how it withstands the awefull harsh winds. It sounds a little weird but I think it might just work. I thought of shade cloth and burlap but it’s expensive. This is cheap and clear!

Now off to find some organic fertilizer to start conditioning these Straw bales!

Enjoy this beautiful day!


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