MicroGreens – Method 4 Day 1

So for this method I am going to plant into larger square containers that fits 8 to a tray. I am finding that I really like the smaller square containers but they dry out so quickly. I am hoping this size will still have a great portion and keep the soil moist longer.

I looked everywhere in town for the right size container, the size single portions of wheat grass grow in. No luck so I had to make my own. 

I had the right size but they were way to large so I customized them to the perfect size. 

   These are made of a heavier plastic so they should last me for a long time. I found 10 of these in my shed.
 I made a template out of the first one. From the top I measured 2.5″ down, made a line then cut to size.

I placed the template over each of the containers …  drew a cut line…

  cut each one and perfect, ready for soil.  Fill 3/4 full with organic potting mix. Then take the template and lightly pack the potting mix down.
  Spread your seeds and water. I love these containers so much better because the tray fits perfectly over them. So cover to block the light for a few days. 


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