Fall Planting Inside-October

10/3/15: Looking good so far. It’s almost been a month. Still killing a little bit of aphids and I think white flies here and there. I keep checking every few days so it keeps them from infesting everything.

Basil is the only plant that has had nothing wrong with it. The aroma must keep the pest away.

Transplants are still growing strong.


10/16/15: I replanted all the transplant into their own permanent containers today. They look strong.

   Romain lettuce & spinach
 Chard, oak leaf lettuce, parsley, cilantro, arugula. Very back taller plants are basil & mint.

10/17/15: The main plants are still growing well. The basil is amazing, still have no problems with them. 

Chard & regular kale are doing well. The curly kale seems to be the only one that ends up with aphids. The pest like to hide within the curls of the leaves. I’ve been spraying a neem mixture once a week and it has been helping a lot.



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