Fall Planting Inside-September

So looks like I will not get the greenhouse up by winter so I decided I’m still going to grow after all. I have this great huge window that faces the river. It’s perfect for growing plants. I’ve decided on…
HERBS: basil, parsley & cilantro

GREENS: kale, chard, spinach, red oak leaf lettuce, arugula, & romaine
Thank goodness for Woods Rose Market – they still had some awesome potting mix left plus I bought a few plants.


9/9/15: Put the grow boxes together today! These are from a company named Garden Patch. I scored these at the Community Closet at the beginning of summer. They were pretty dirty but cleaned up well. They were all disassembled in a stack for $5! I believe these run about $30-$40 a box.

9/10/15: It’s 11:30pm and the grow boxes are finally planted! Can’t wait to watch them grow!

I picked up these beauties from Woods Rose Market’s Green house. The basil I got from the farmers market today.


9/11/15: Added a small shelve for more herb growing!


9/13/15: Arugula and Romain sprouted! Celery looking good too. Regrew these from store bought organic cuts.

Came home from work and the arugula looks so cute.

Two plants sprouted on their own in my garden this year. I never watered or cared for them. I guess the chard and collard seeds decided to have fun this summer instead. I watched them grow big, get eaten by deer and grow big again. I decided to take them out of the garden to plant them inside for the winter. The collard never got very big. It will be interesting to see how big he gets. These are a pretty hardy pair.

I also picked up a Mayan 21 Garden planter at the Mainstreeter Thift Store. Online these planters are around $50, I paid $2. Not sure what I’ll plant yet. Excited to load with soil tonight!


9/14/15: Spinach & red oak leaf lettuce sprouted today. Also the mint I bought at the farmers market went to seed & I planted them-they are growing too!

Found some kind of fugus trying to start on the chard. Sprayed with a neem oil mixture. I’ll see if that helps. Going to get a few stickies to to help with the little gnats. Not too many now thank goodness.


9/17/15: got the grow lights up. Everything is doing well. No more aphids, hardly any fungus gnats & the fungus on the chard is gone.

I used yarn with slip knots to suspend the lights, so I can adjust how low or how high I need the lights to be.

Got the stickies up to help with the fungus knats. Not many right now, so happy!

The white powder on the top of the soil is diatomaceous earth. This helps with the small pests. They crawl over the powder and slowly grind themselves up.


9/18/15: cilantro is starting to come up.

Chard came up the other day.


9/24/15: well the seeds I planted are not doing so hot. Reaching for sun and becoming to long and can’t support themselves. I decided to transplant what I could and composted the rest.

Now I need to decide what to grow in the empty space.

The basil has been doing great! I’ve used a lot of leaves for cooking. Chard and kale growing big.

Got my final light for the rest of my growing station. I know it’s a little wacky but I think it’ll do the job.


9/25/15: Bought some new chard and purple kale today. The chard had some powdery mildew but are the right size so I bought them at a discount and treated them. Will see how they look tomorrow for planting.

IMG_7421 IMG_7422

I also decided to plant the 2 chards from my actual outdoor garden out of the pots into the grow boxes, since I had all that extra space. I have taken several leaves already for smoothies, so they are pretty small. Gotta let some more growth happen before cutting more.

So yesterday night I decided to add some Alaska Fish Fertilizer to the water reservoir. BAD IDEA!! Stinky and then thought to myself this water just sits there, this will become the perfect place for gnats and flies to hang out. So I bought a siphon to get all this nasty water out. Stupid me!!! I learned my lesson. Filled the reservoirs with 2 gallon of plain water. The plants should get enough nutrients from the organic soil mixture.


9/26/15: The plants I bought yesterday look great so I panted them in the grow boxes today. Everything is looking nice.

IMG_7425 IMG_7427 IMG_7439 IMG_7426

The transplants look like they are going to make it. You can already see the adult leaves coming in on several of them.

IMG_7430 IMG_7431


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