Microgreens – Method 1 Day 1

Im going to try to grow some microgreens. I’ve sprouted before so hopefully this experiment works out. I have four trays laid out. Will plant one, while eating one tray will start another tray in hopes to have on going greens all winter long.

I’ve decided to use small containers instead of growing in the full tray alone. Hope this isn’t a mistake but seems like a better layout to get a variety of microgreens.

I filled the containers 1/2 way full with organic potting mix.

Sprinkled seeds on top of the soil and then watered & covered with another tray.

Will water daily and keep covered until sprouts start showing.

Left to right:

• Sesame seeds

• Spicy mix: clover, fenugreek & radish

• Clover

• Broccoli Seeds

• Amaranth

• Alfalfa

Excited to see how long this takes. Should take between 7-10 days till harvest. We will see.


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