Breville Pie Maker – Love It!!


20140307-183408.jpg   20140307-183439.jpg

I purchased THE BREVILLE PIE MAKER from my local thrift store, The Community Closet, sometime during last summer. I think I paid $5 for it. It came in its original box that was opened but everything inside looked new. Maybe used once or twice!

I am finally decided to try it out. It works fantastic and 2 savory meat pies totally filled me up. AJ ate 4 of them but he is twice my size!

So I decided to see how much this baby was if I went to a store or bought it online. Amazon had it listed brand new for $80! I got such a deal!!!

You can use any kind of filling, sweet or savory. Just make sure the inside mixture is fully cooked before cooking in the Breville Pie Maker.

I totally recommend this product. Very easy to use and to clean. Can’t wait to have some good times making pies with the kids!






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