Digestion Problems!

Bloating Problems

Well for a few years I gave up wheat & dairy. My main reason is because my stomach was alway having issues like bloating. Many times I looked like I was 6 months pregnant again! Not a great feeling! Once my body got pretty cleansed out of these two products my stomach did awesome. Now i’m eating meat again after being a vegetarian for about 11 years, and the past 8 months or so I’m eating dairy and wheat again. I am back where i started again, a horrible stomach. So i’ve decided to be at least 50% Raw and 50% Cooked Food. Then gradually work my way up. I’d love to be 75%/25%.

Now the challenge is to figure out what is causing all my stomach issues…

DAY #1 • 9/18/13:
I ate all raw for breakfast & lunch! Breakfast I had a green smoothie. Lunch I had a large green salad with tomatoes, sprouts, walnuts & dressing. My stomach had absolutely no problems. Dinner I made rice with steamed veggies. Stomach was still pretty good, very slight bloating! Then a late night snack I had corn chips with some beans, sauerkraut, sprouts and melted CHEESE! Stomach blew up like a balloon shortly afterwards! Well seems i’m not liking cheese again. Bummer!

Day #2 • 9/19/13:
Today I will eat a raw breakfast and lunch again and have dinner cooked. I will not eat any dairy or wheat today to see how my stomach does. I’m also eating sauerkraut throughout the day for enzymes! Lets see how it goes.

Breakfast: 1 banana, 1 apple, some organic blueberries, 1tbl chia seeds & cinnamon with fresh squeezed juice from 3 oranges!


Lunch: Creamy-N-Soft Cauliflower Soup – RAW. This turned out really tasty! My stomach loved it. No problems.

Creamy-N-Soft Cauliflower Soup.jpg

Dinner: So my job was having a small celebration and there was bratwurst, pasta salads, bread & cake. I had some bratwurst slices & broccoli salad. I also took 2 enzyme capsules before hand. BLOATED! After my bloating settled I had a peach! By the end of the day I almost drank a whole gallon of water. TIP: Fill a gallon jug and drink from that. Visually seeing how much water you still need to drink makes me want to drink more!

Day #3 • 9/20/13:
Went dancing last night so I got my exercise in after all! Woke up with a flat tummy, so nice!

Breakfast: 1 banana, 1 apple, some organic blueberries, 1.5 tbl chia seeds & cinnamon with fresh squeezed juice from 2 oranges! Tummy did great again.

Lunch: Another bowl of Creamy-N-Soft Cauliflower Soup- RAW. Stomach did well. I took 1 enzyme capsule before eating. Later I also had a 1/2 of a flatbread turkey/cheese/sprouts/tomato/sauerkraut sandwich. I thought for sure that I would bloat. I barely did! So confused. I did take 2 enzyme capsules before eating this. I did end up with a few patches of hives on each leg. Thats cuz of the wheat!

Snack: 2 banana oatmeal cookies

Dinner: left over rice with steam veggies. I ate this at room temperature. No problems!

I was close again about drinking a gallon of water. So i’m thinking the water intake and the enzyme capsules must be helping my stomach. I did some yoga for exercise today!

Day #4 • 9/21/13

If anyone has this problem too and found some kind of relief please comment.


2 Replies to “Digestion Problems!”

  1. I stay away from dairy just because. I also don’t eat wheat. Or corn. Corn’s really bad for me. My diet is pretty much veggies, proteins (fish, liver, steaks, bacon, some eggs), some berries, apples, and coconut water. Feeling a lot better!

    1. I’m getting to the point of needing to do pretty much the same. I’ll miss wheat for sure, but i got rid of it in my diet once I can do it again. Dairy has never been really big in my diet. Taking that out wont be hard.

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