What to do with your left over pulp from juicing?

Don’t waste food! It is a shame how many people through away their juice pulp! Keep it and make your dollar go further . . .

Dehydrate your juice pulp…

Left over pulp from juicing
Carrot pulp dehydrated

Grind the dried pulp into powder!

Vitamix dry blade container or a Coffee Grinder will work.
Carrot Powder!
Store in a airtight container.

I have several vegetables in powder form. They are so usefull. Make quick gravies, say out of mushroom powder! Mix into foods for seasoning or just to add a little more nutrients. I love sprinkling on top of my salads! My favorite is slipping it into those sweet treats you make & bake for the kids. They would never know they were eating vegetables!!!


2 Replies to “What to do with your left over pulp from juicing?”

  1. This sounds useful, but how much nutrients are left in the pulp? With all the juice removed, which is loaded with nutrients, what is left in the pulp besides fiber and some taste?

    1. I am sure there are some nutrients left, not sure how much, fiber is the biggy tho. I only save & reuse organic pulp tho. Better than buying fiber at the store. I use a lot of my powders in my raw food creations.

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