James Had a Craving for PANCAKES!!!

I was visiting my wonderful friend James Saturday morning and he had a crazy craving for pancakes. One of his favorite foods but didn’t like the low health factor they had. So we put our brains together to come up with a healthly pancake that still rocked in taste and texture. We bundled up and walked to the Bozeman Co-Op for ingredients.

We almost bought Pamela’s Gluten Free pancake mix but then we decided to make our own Gluten Free, Egg Free, Milk Free pancakes from scratch. We bought organic quinoa grain, cinnamon, baking powder, organic vanilla extract, & organic chocolate covered cacao nibs. At his house he had flax & chia seeds & bananas. Ok this is what we did:

Homemade Allergy Friendly Quinoa Pancakes!!

•  With a coffee grinder (or if you have the dry blade container for a vitamix that works great) we ground up enough Quinoa grain to make about 3 cups of flour.

•  Grind about 2 tablespoons each of Chia Seeds & Flax Seeds. This is to bind the batter together instead of using eggs & the chia seeds will give the nutritional value a boost!

•  Added a little over 1/4 teaspoon of Real Salt

•  A lot of cinnamon

•  1 teaspoon of baking powder

•  Mix all the dry ingredients until well blended

•  Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

•  Enough water to make a nice semi-thick sticky batter, not runny!

•  Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of melted organic coconut oil

•  Add 2 bananas mashed

•  Add as many cacao nibbs as you want or nuts!

•  Blend well

I wish I had a picture of these. They turned out amazing. I will no longer need to buy Pamela’s GF Pancake Mix. The quinoa made the pancake texture spongy with a mild nutty flavor. I want to experiment with other grain flowers too. HEARTY & DELICIOUS!!! Yummy!!

You gotta try them.


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