Farmers’ Market Time!!!

Yesterday Naya & I spent most of the day at the Livingston’s Farmers’ market. GREAT TIME!! She got a snow cone, we ate wonderful homemade guacamole & chips, danced, played & giggled!! Ran into so many awesome people I haven’t seen in a while. I bought some awesome lettuce, spinach & kale. Check out this kale . . .

Beautiful bouquet of KALE!!

After the market we went to the park for a while & took this great picture to remember this special mommy & daughter day!!

Mommy & Naya's Day Out!!

3 Replies to “Farmers’ Market Time!!!”

  1. The kale is huge…what are you going to do with it? I always like to ask people how they use the produce they buy…always on the lookout for new ideas for myself and my kitchen. What a wonderful outing you and your little girl had…these are the days she’ll remember as she grows up!

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