SOAK! Burning Man Portland!


Steve & I Dancing our Asses Off at SOAK 2011!!!

My sister in Portland wanted me to come out for a camping trip. I had no idea this trip would be a life-changing event. I didn’t think I was capable of being a FREE SPIRIT again!! With getting married then separated, having a kid, owning a business and everything in between, FREE & FUN kinda slowly dripped out of me. Well, I got a huge dose of it at SOAK!

SOAK was such an eye-opener for me. I felt young, beautiful & FREE!! Those feelings have been buried so deep inside that I kinda gave up on them. I now know I can’t let them go, they need to thrive.

Dancing was amazing. Outside, under the Oregon sun or the mystical moon!! I danced my ass off. I loved it. Dancing always brings the right people into my life. I met such wonderful people. You all know who you are! Thank you for such a great time. A time I will never forget. I hope to have more fantastic memories with you all in the near future.

Hanging out with my daughter at such an event was perfect. She played, wandered & had a great time. I hope she gets to experience more atmospheres like this. I hope i do too.

I so am going to try my best to get to Burning Man end of August!!!

Luv to all the new friends I made!!!




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