Sprouting Sunflower Seeds

•  Rinse a good amount (1+ cup) of Organic Sunflower Seeds w/ Shells.

•  Transfer to a glass jar and fill w/ filtered water, soak for 8-12hrs (overnight).

•  Let sprout for 3-5 days with 2 rinsings a day, until small tales start to form.

On 2/5/11 my sunflower seeds have been sprouting for about 3 t0 4 days and were now ready for soil to grow!

Sunflower Seeds Have Sprouted!

I rinsed my sprouts throughly and then mixed some organic potting soil w/ some organic fertilizer. Transfered mixed soil into a glass dish, then spread the sprouted sunflower seeds on top. Cover to hide from the sun until sprouts get semi tall. This could take several days.

Organic Potting Soil Blended w/ Organic Fertilizer
Spread Sprouted Sunflower Seeds on top of the Soil

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