Food Saver – Can’t Live w/o It!

When I was 20 I bought my very first item off of a TV infomercial – A FOOD SAVER! I was so nervous talking to the lady taking my order on the other end of the phone. Was this stupid, waste of money – so much went thru my head. It arrived and I opened it & reviewed the manual and tested it out. I used it a lot & liked it. Then I moved, packed away & never got it back out. I didn’t come to really appreciate it until about a year ago at 32.

When I decided to try the RAW Lifestyle, I stumbled across the Kristen’s Raw books. While reading she mentioned using a FoodSaver to seal your Raw food in glass mason jars to keep the life of your creation an extra 3-7 days! So that’s what that round attachment was for! I found my old FoodSaver, cleaned it off & started using it again, many many years later. Now I can’t think of not having one. Kristen was right, my food did last longer. I have so many mason jars of all sizes now & seal everything in them – grain & bean flours, nuts, seeds, beans, herbs, veggies etc. If you are a Raw Foodist this is a must have tool! If you are not it is great for left-overs, plus you can seal pictures & other important stuff in their special bags. I still have the old white FoodSaver. When my old one crashes I want the new chrome & black trimmed one. It looks nice & has more functions.

How to Seal Mason Jars w/ a FoodSaver:

Put lid on. Use the jar attachment.
Slide on Jar Attachment.
Push on FoodSaver to start suction. SEALED!!

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