My Samson Juicer Came Today!

I am so so excited! I got a bonus check from PFL and it was enough to pay for a new Juicer. I was borrowing my friends Samson Juicer & had to return it. I was sad, I totally fell in love with it. This baby is great and has a great price $259 no shipping cost!

Samson Advanced 9005 Jucier

Product Description:

Samson Advanced Series Multi-Purpose Juice Extractor

The Samson GB-9005 Juicer is the upgraded model from the Samson GB-9001 Juicer.

The new, improved GB-9005 features the following upgrades:

  • All new GE Ultem Auger that is 8x harder
  • All new GE Ultem Juicing Screen and Mincing Cone
  • Redesigned Juicer body
  • 15 Year Warranty

    In a continuing effort to produce high quality, functional, easy-to-use and affordable juicing technology Samson Brands has introduced the Samson Advanced Multi-Purpose Juice Extractor, Model GB-9005.

  • Samson Advanced JuicersThe new Samson Advanced series of juicers incorporates newer, studier and more efficient technology that makes operation a pleasure for new users as well as for aficionados that juice several times a day. The Samson Advanced is easy to use and easy to clean. The Samson Advanced is More than just a juicer.

    Pick the attractive color that complements your kitchen decor. The Samson Advanced juicer is available in Almond, Black, Chrome-colored, and White.

    Samson Advanced Series Multi-Purpose Juicer GB-9005 Highlights

      Samson Advanced Juicers

    • Single Gear Slow Rotates at 80 RPM to ensure high quality nutritional juice
    • FDA approved GE Ultem – is used for the auger and screens making them 8 times stronger than traditional juicer parts.
    • The stainless steel Juicing Screen is fully encased with GE Ultem
    • Juices a wide variety of vegetables, grasses and fruits
    • Excellent for Wheatgrass and Leafy Greens – Less foam than twin gear juicers
    • Simple assembly with “quick lock” style attachments
    • Quick and easy cleaning – Top Rack dishwasher safe (avoid drying cycle)Samson Advanced Juicers
    • a wide variety of vegetables, grasses and fruits Adjustable pressure control to maximize juice yield
    • Continuous juicing with containers for juice and pulp
    • Convenient carrying handle
    • Easy operation using push buttons – On, Off and Reverse
    • Full manufacturers 15 year warranty on motor and operational parts




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