Indoor Gardening in Mid MT Winter!

I live in Montana, where you have 6 months or more of winter. I tried an indoor garden last summer. It went okay but I got discouraged because of all the problems you get with an indoor garden. I didn’t know it was harder to grow indoors than outdoors. 2 tomato, 2 swiss chard, lemon balm, oregano, arugula, & a sage plant survived! I gave up and everything else died by some fungus or insect. SUCKED! Well Sunday the 16th of January I wanted to plant. I completely cleaned out the room and reconditioned all the soil. I planted: Basil, Collards, Chard, Spinach, Lettuce, Kale, Parsley, Mint, Oregano & Cilantro. Now on the 25th, 1 Black Kale, 3 Red Kale & 1 Collard sprouted. CRAZY! I enjoyed it and have a good start for summer! Ha! Ha! Also I sprouted some Red Hard Wheat & Buckwheat!

Collards & Swiss Chard from Summer!
Collard Sprout!
Wheatgrass! Nice & Green!
Buckwheat Sprouts!

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