Exercise! Exercise! – Yuk!

Why is exercising so hard for me to fit into my life? This has been a pain point for me all my life. I always would say I’m too busy or just don’t want to try. Sure I go dancing once in a great while now a days, but that’s not enough. Exercise would help a lot w/ my overall health. It would even help w/ those on & off depression periods. In order to try to make EXERCISE not such a pain point for me I dusted off my old Elliptical from my early 20’s & drug it into my room. So now I have to look at it everyday – it’s in a warm place & easy to excess!! So now I JUST HAVE TO DO IT!! Easier said than done.

I’m making a new calendar on my iCal “HEALTH” to track my success. Oh I forgot to weight myself. I wonder what the magical number is?

Elliptical Here I Come!!

2 Replies to “Exercise! Exercise! – Yuk!”

  1. As for the excercise… AND depression. You just don’t know how amazing the results are until you try it. I to have been on various antidepressents esp after Dre was born and feel myself leaning towards psycho most days. Only when I excercise do I feel happier. Many medical studies have been to done to link the effects of exercise of mental health.
    and PS the days when I really DO NOT wana go work out and I have to force myself are THE BEST exarcises. Try your first workout when you are feeling really stressed or angry AND CRANK UP THE MUSIC!!!! (#1 attribute to my success is up beat music)

    1. Hey baby cakes! Hows Great Falls treating you? Yes, I did noticed a huge change in my mood after I exercised today. It was only 20m but really seemed to work. My goal is at least 3 times a week then move to 5. I hope I can do it, THIS TIME!! Next time I’m cranky I’ll try to jump on the elliptical to release. Great Idea!! Thanks.

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