Tofu Turkey Homemade!!!


•  Three 20 oz blocks of Wildwood Organics
High Protein Tofu Super Firm
(you can use another very firm tofu but you might

need to let it sit longer to drain)
•  3/4 c Organic Soymilk divided
•  3 tbsp packed minced fresh Organic Oregano
(if you only have dried use this equation 3 part fresh = 1 part dried)
•  3 tbsp packed minced fresh Organic Basil
•  3 tbsp packed minced fresh Organic marjoram
•  2 tbsp packed minced fresh Organic Thyme
•  2 tbsp packed minced fresh Organic Rosemary
•  1/2 c packed minced fresh Organic Parsley
•  1 tbsp Gluten Free Broth of your choice
•  1 tbsp Gluten Free Mustard Powder
•  3 tbsp Tamari Sauce or Bragg’s Amino Acids
•  1 tsp Celtic Salt fine
•  1/4 – 1/2 c Honey
•  Cheese Cloth & a Colander


•  1/4 c Organic Balsamic Vinegar
•  1/4 c Organic Olive Oil
•  2 tbsp GF Worcestershire Sauce (Lea & Perrins)
•  1/2 tsp Celtic Salt
•  1/4 c Honey – to taste
•  2 full heads of Garlic minced
•  1 c packed minced fresh Organic Parsley


1) In a food processor fitted w/ the “S” blade blend 1 block of Tofu at a time w/ 1/4 c Soymilk. If you are using a Tofu that when opened is soaking in a lot of water you most likely do not need to add the soymilk to get a smooth texture. To be safe blend a block of tofu first and see if you need to add any liquid. Pour into a large mixing bowl. Repeat w/ the next 2 blocks of Tofu.

2) Once you have all the Tofu in a smooth but thick consistency, mix in well the Broth, Mustard Powder, Tamari Sauce, Salt & Honey. Then mix in the fresh herbs; Oregano, Basil, marjoram, Thyme, Rosemary & Parsley.

3) Line the Colander w/ the Cheese Cloth and transfer the Tofu Mixture in to the Colander. Fold over the extra Cheese Cloth to completely wrap the Tofu Turkey mixture.

4) Now you want to press the extra moisture out of the mixture. I placed a plate that fit within the colander and (2) 5lb bags of potatoes on top. You want to refrigerate & let sit for at least an hour. If you are using a tofu that I described in the first step you might need to let it drain 2-5hrs.

5) Now we want to stuff the Tofu Turkey w/ stuffing. Remove the weight & the plate & unwrap the top of the mixture. Scoop out a nice large hole but still leaving plenty of mixture on all sides. Se the first picture above. Pat down your hole then fill w/ your GF Bread Stuffing (see my post “GF Bread Stuffing”). Cover the stuffing w/ the extra Tofu. Pat down the top to an even surface and place the colander upside down on a non-stick baking sheet. Once the mold hits the baking sheet remove the colander and take the cheese cloth off. Now you are ready for the marinade.

Tofu Turkey Mold

6) Add all the ingredients for the marinade and whisk together until well blended.


7) Use a brush and put your first layer of marinade on the Tofu Turkey mold. Place in a 375º preheated oven. I cook my Tofu Turkey from 2.5 – 4hrs, depending how crispy I want the outer layer to be. Every 30 – 45m marinade the Tofu Turkey until all the mixture is gone.

Ist Marinade
2nd Marinade
3rd Marinade

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