TinyTee RAW Granola . . .

I really enjoy the RAW LIFESTYLE. I followed it hard-core for a while but lost my direction. I’m trying to pick it up again. I created this recipe first on 2/26/10 the another on 3/8/10.

•  1 c Soaked Buckwheat Grouts. I soak over night.
•  1/4 c or a handful of Apricot Kernals
•  6 Brazil Nuts
•  2 c of your favorite RAW nuts. I use 1 c of two different kinds
•  1/4 c Hemp Hearts
•  1/2 c Chopped Dried Apples
•  1 1 /2 tspn Cinnamon
•  5 – 6 twists of Ground Celtic Salt
•  1/2 to 1 tspn Ground Green Leaf Stevia – Not White
•  1 c Raisins

Add all ingredients into a food processor fitted w/ the S blade.

Pulse a few time just to mix the ingredients. If you want less clumpy granola pulse more.

This will make 6 1/4 c wet granola or 5 1/2 c dried. You can eat it wet/fresh but it wont last very long. I prefer to dehydrate the granola in my Goof For You dehydrator.

TIP: Everything you dehydrate you should set to 145º for the first hour. This helps insure that no bacteria starts to grow while dehydrating at 95º for another 8-12hrs.

I eat 1/2 c in the mornings, this lasts me for 11 days! Beats paying crazy high prices for RAW granola.

MAKE YOUR OWN! Be creative! I store the granola ina 1/2 gal mason jar, perfect fit!


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