2016 Garden – April

30 Apr img_8854

The Month of April was a good one.

April 17, 2016:

Starters have way out grown their container. I am finally getting around to transferring them into a larger 72 cell tray. While doing this I realized I didn’t actually comprehend how much I planted. Everything grew pretty well except the red oak leaf lettuce didn’t sprout. Also because I waited to long, a lot of the plants are stringy. Yuk!


plants have out grown thier container


i still have a few more rows of tomatoes to transfer!



April 21, 2016:

Today I planted the second batch of seeds…

KALE: Red Winter (s2011), Dinasaur (s2010), Dwarft Blue Curled (s2011)

COLLARDS: Georgia (s2010)

BUSH BEANS: Dragon Tongue (s2013), Black Turtle (s2010), Blue Lake 274 (s2015)

CUCUMBERS: Countryfair (s2015), Straight 8 (s2013), Spacemaster 80 (s2013)

BROCCOLI: Raab Rapini (s2015)

OKRA: Clemson Spineless 8 (s2010)

ZUCCHINI: Dark Green (s2013), Golden (s2015), Black Beauty (s2013)

SWISS CHARD: Ruby Red (s2011), Flamingo (s2011), Fordhook Giant (s2011), Bright Lights (s2011), Bright Canary (s2015), Cardinal (s2015)

CELERY: Tall Utah (s2011)

MUSTARD GREENS: Red Giant (s2010)

LETTUCE: Gourmet Mix (s2012), Mild Mescluin Mix (s2011), Green Romain (s2015), Dark Lolla Rossa Red Leaf (s2015), Susan Green Oak (s2015)

PEAS: Sugar Daddy (s2010), Fordhook (s2013), Progress #9 (s2010)

  Finally my vision is complete. I have all my starters growing all on one shelving unit.




I can’t wait to watch these newbies sprout!


April 22, 2016:

Expanded my indoor growing today! I added a few more shelves on the 2 other windows that get good sunlight. I also constructed them with grow lights…

So excited to have fresh herbs right in my kitchen: thyme, cilantro, dill, basil, parsley & oregano.

I wraped each grow shelve with a tapestry to help keep the light from blinding us. Keeps a lot of the light in. Serves as a great night light. 😉 I just used yarn to tie the tapestry up on each side.

Can’t wait until the stores carry house plants. I vision an ivy plant on the top shelf.

Lettuce and microgreens

Wonderful lettuce from Woods Rose Market.

I planted some celery seeds, never have any luck with them actually growing. Was excited to see these at Town & Country! Might actually have some this summer.

Built these 2 shelves today too.

Rosemary from Woods Rose Market

Regular sage & pineapple sage. This stuff is awesome! Herbs actually has a pineapple scent to them…


April 24, 2016:

Sprouted: Dino Kale, Dwarf Blue Curled Kale, Georgia Collards, Dragon Tongue Bush Beans, Spring Rapini Broccoli Raab, Black Beauty Zucchini

My first batch of starters are growing great.


April 26, 2016:

I noticed that the popsicle sticks I use for identifying my starts are growing a white mold. I replaced all of them with plastic tags.

Sprouted: Country Fair/Straight 8 & Spacemaster 80 Cucumbers, Clemson Spineless Okra, Dark Green & Golden Zucchini,  Ruby Red/Flamingo/Bright Lights/Bright Canary & Cardinal Swiss Chard, Red Giant Mustard, Gourmet Mix/Mild Mescluin Mix/Dark Lolla Rossa/Susan Green Oak Lettuce, Sugar Daddy & Fordhook Pea, Black Turtle & Blue Lake 274 Bush Bean, Red Winter Kale, Thyme



April 29, 2016:

I planted the Chocolate Mint & Orange Mint I bought from Woods Rose Market. Can’t wait to use in smoothies!


The microgreens are so green and beautiful right now.

2016 Garden – March

22 Mar img_8579-2

MARCH 12, 2016:

I’m so excited for this years garden!! I feel it’s going to be another good one!!

Today I planted organic starter plants. Used organic starter soil & my really small spaced planter container. Amended the soil with azomite. Sprayed with epson salt water (2 tbs/32 oz water.

Tomatoes – Rutgers (s2011), Burpee’s Long Keepers (s2011), Yellow Pear (s2011), Delicious (s2011), Baxter’s Bush Cherry (s2011).
Peppers – Jalapeños Early (s2010), King of the North (s2013), Sweet Combo (s2014).
Lettuce – Red Oakleaf (s2010), Parris Island Romaine (s2010).
Red Express (s2010) & Cabbage Columbia Heirloom (s2014).
Eggplant Italian Long Purple (s2014).
Broccoli Sprouting Calabrese Heirloom (s2010)
Cauliflower Snowball Improved Heirloom (s2010).
Chinese Cabbage Baby Choi (s2010).
Zefa Fino Fennel (s2010).
Brussels Sprouts Long Island Improved (s2013).
Onions – Leeks Hannibal (s2010), Walla Walla Heirloom (s2011) & Evergreen Long White Bunching (s2010).



MARCH 15, 2016:

Sprouted: Baby Choi



MARCH 16, 2016:

Sprouted: Parris Island Romaine, Broccoli Sprouting Calabrese Heirloom, Cauliflower Snowball Improved Heirloom, Cabbage Columbia, Brussels Sprouts Long Island Improved.

Here you see the Baby Choi, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts.


I get the small little fly problem a lot, so I didn’t want them to infest my soil. I used kabob skewers, duck tape, yarn & winter window film to create a small greenhouse cover. It isn’t pretty but it works, bonus I didn’t need to spend any extra cash!



MARCH 18, 2016:

Sprouted: Delicious & Baxter Bush Cherry Tomatoes, Red Express Cabbage.



March 19, 2016:

Sprouted: Rutgers tomatoes.



March 20th, 2016:

Sprouted: Burpee Long Keeper tomatoes, Red Oakleaf lettuce, Walla Walla onions & Fennell.



March 21st, 2016:

Sprouted: Yellow Pear tomatoes, Eggplant, Evergreen onions & Leeks.




March 22nd, 2016:

Plants are growing well:


Mushroom Time!

20 Feb img_8433-3

Got some great mushrooms at the discount rack today! Time for some dehydrating!!

Last time I bought a bunch and dehydrated them too. Slices are great for sautéing, soups and stews. Whole dehydrated portobello tops are great for grilled sandwiches!

A great book for dehydrating foods:



  So next time you see an abundance of awesome veggies on sale for dirt cheap, buy them and dehydrate them for later use!

Easy RAW Coconut Curry Soup

7 Jan

I just realized I never posted this:

I had one young Thai coconut left in the fridge, so I decided to make dinner with it. This raw vegan soup is amazing and full of rich flavor. I couldn’t believe it! So simple to make if you have a Vitamix blender. Keep blending until it becomes warm. Make sure you don’t go over 116 to 118 degrees. After 118 degrees you will start killing the nutrition and the Coconut Curry soup will no longer be considered a Raw Soup!

From Kristen Suzanne’s Easy Raw Vegan Soups book:

• 1 young Thai Coconut, meat and water
• 3 medium carrots, chopped
• 1 apple, cored and chopped
• 1 1/2 tbs red onion, chopped
• 1 tbs fresh lime juice (I used lemon)
• 1 tbs fresh orange juice
• 1 tbs curry powder
• 2 tbs coconut oil
• 2 tsp fresh minced ginger or 1/2 tsp ground
• 1 tsp Himalayan crystal salt ( I used 1/2 tsp real salt)
• 1 pinch cayenne pepper

Blend all of the ingredients until smooth and warm.


7 Jan img_8185-1


It’s been 89 days since I trimmed this beauty up. It survived and so has its babies! I have so much Jade growing! I wish I took a picture of this Jade before I trimmed it. By looking at the following pics you can visualize how big this guy was. So many heavy stems hanging down.

This guy was one of the largest cuts. I’ve forced him to grow upwards. He has many new pedals.

I also put some smaller transplants around him and they are doing great too.

 More cuts.  

It’s been told you can easily start Jade roots by just one pedal. I tried several. Some died but these survived. I pulled one out and there were lots of roots. Replanted and doing fine. Sweet!

Fall Planting Inside – January

7 Jan img_8178-1

1/7/16: Wow, I’ve done some rearranging since my last inside fall planting post.

I got rid of my grow boxes. They provided me with tons of greens and basil but then it was time to let them rest.

I took my grow shelf and placed them where the grow boxes were. 

 I have some romaine lettuce, parsley, cilantro, arugula, spinach & basil growing. 

On my other two available grow shelves I’m growing my microgreens still.

7 Layer Breakfast

7 Jan img_8177-2

I like to bake an egg inside a half of avocado, this was my plan for breakfast this morning – but came up with this instead. Makes 2 servings.

• 1 cup or more mashed avocado

• 2 chopped up tortillas or 4 corn to make gluten free

• salsa

• shredded cheese

• 2 – 6 eggs

• seasonings to taste: lemon juice, salt, pepper, chili powder, Italian seasoning etc.

Take individual portion oven proof cups and grease with coconut oil. Set aside.

Chop up 2 tortillas or 4 corn tortillas. Divide into 4 portions. Add one portion to each cup to form the bottom layer.

Take the mashed avocado and add some lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. Divide equally into cups to form a nice 2nd layer of goodness.

Next add a small layer of salsa then the last two portions of tortillas.

Next add a layer of shredded cheese. 

For the eggs I recommend cracking individual portions (1-3 eggs depending what your cup can hold) into a separate bowl in case any shells are left behind. Once all small shell pieces are removed transfer into cup. 

Sprinkle with more cheese and season to taste.

Bake at 375 degrees until eggs are cooked about 20-30m. Keep checking after 10-15m. Try to keep the inside of the eggs runny. 



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